Children's Karate Class

Due to the high demand of Shotokan Karate Classes for kids 4-6 years old we have now added another session to our schedule in addition to the 2 classes per week that we already have.

The added Karate session for this group would be on Thursdays 4:30 Pm for the duration of 60 minutes. The new schedule will be effective from 1st of January 2016.Here is the complete schedule of Shotokan Karate Classes at Traditional Martial Arts & Fitness for the age group of 4 to 6 years old children:

karate schedule for toddlers

Check for our complete schedule for all age groups.

For bookings and inquiries contact Sensei Faramarz (5th Dan Shotokan Karate Instructor) on +971 50 6556 105 or

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