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At Traditional Martial Arts & Fitness we start them at the age of 4 and some ask: “How do you teach a 4 year old Karate?”

The answer is: What children learn in that age group is completely different with the class of older children and adults. Children at this age may not have the motor skills or balance to perfect their roundhouse kick or do a flying kick, It might take them months to learn a kata (form) and much longer before they start sparring but they can still experience a great lesson, get some physical activity, get social while interacting with other children, learning the basic techniques and enhancing their strength, flexibility and skills.

Do not expect your child to be the next Bruce Lee at this stage. Lots of parents expect to see amazing improvement within the first few weeks or they are planning to send their child to practice over the summer and expect them to be a master by the end of the summer. Karate does not work that way, especially for children that young. Karate is a life-long training and progress in children is slow as they have to master the basic and build their foundation for when they are older and able to understand more for the complex techniques.

While 4 is usually the age we accept a child in our Karate training program, this age does not apply to all children as development is different in each child.

A child is usually ready to start karate if he or she:

• Can speak and communicate easily
• Is able to listen and follow instructions
• Has developed age-appropriate manners
• Has developed empathy
• Is not aggressive and would not be a danger to himself/herself or other children

Children who have issues with any of the mentioned points due to any disability, autism, etc. can still benefit from a karate class however they would have to attend a private class to receive the attention they need.

If you think your child is ready Contact Us now and speak to Sensei Faramarz, our 6th Dan Karate instructor with 30+ years of experience in teaching kids and adults.

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